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Township of Sorrento

In the late 19th Century George Coppins the “Father of Sorrento” recoginsed the great advantages and natural attractions of the Peninsula and introduced Melbournians to the delights of this glorious setting - still Victoria’s favourite seaside destination.

Sorrento has a special charm that draws visitors back again and again. People ask me what the magic is and to tell you the truth, I don’t know. The very young love Sorrento, teenagers and young adults love Sorrento and those of us who are not so young can’t wait to return. - Anne Wassnig, Bottoms Up

It doesn’t matter what time of year you visit Sorrento. It makes no difference if the sun is shining or the rain is falling, the gift of relaxation is always at work.

Once you’re here you might chose to just park your car and not get in it again until it is time for you to leave. There are many who never walk as much as when they are in Sorrento. They walk to the beach, the shops, the park, the movies, the pubs, the cafes and the restaurants.

Others have a list of activities they want to do and a fist full of brochures that include the sights they want to see. Sorrento/Portsea is at the end of the Peninsula, but once you are here you are at the gateway to all the Peninsula has to offer. The golf courses are second to none. The wineries are just a short drive away and well worth the effort. There’s horse riding, swimming with the dolphins, picking strawberries (in season), visiting markets to look for a bargain or taste the local produce, fishing, surfing & even a maze you can lose yourself in for awhile.

Be it an intimate hideaway, a family holiday, a girlfriends’ weekend escape or a guys’ golfing trip – Sorrento is the perfect destination.

It’s not too far from Melbourne and the benefits are not lost on a long trip back home. There’s accommodation, meals, activities and entertainment to suit every group. You just set your own itinerary and let the fun begin.

The promise of the area was awakened by actor, entrepreneur and parliamentarian, George Coppin whose vision and energy created the perfect place for Melbournians to escape. The village offered a respite from Melbourne’s fierce summer winds, its pollution and the everyday work-a-world all associated with a growing city. Modest cottages shared this with gracious homes and guesthouses and hotels provided some of the finest accommodation in the Colony. Coppin’s energies encompassed the creation of a paddle steamer company to bring the tourists to Sorrento, a steam tram company to transport them from the pier to the back beach, and rotundas, walkways and lookouts for their enjoyment.

These days, instead of a day’s voyage, historic Sorrento can be reached within 90 minutes from the heart of Melbourne. Many of the features that Coppin helped to create are still part of the village today and add greatly to its olde world charm. The reasons for coming to Sorrento are the same as they were then, and resorts, hostels, hotels, B&Bs, guesthouses, caravan parks, and camping grounds satisfy all accommodation needs.

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