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Township of Shoreham

Henry Tuck established the first farming run in the Shoreham-Flinders area during the 1840s, but the town of Shoreham did not begin until the 1870s.

Pastoral enterprises, dairying and timber cutting were early industries. Farming of its scenic surrounds has remained a mainstay of the district until quite recent times, when it began to attract high quality holiday homes and several bed and breakfast establishments. Steep pine clad beaches around the outlet of Stony Creek feature rocky platforms and reefs - popular areas for family exploration. Ashcombe Maze and Water Gardens is one of Australia's largest and oldest hedge mazes, with complementing gardens and rockeries.

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Name Address Phone Melways Reference
Ocean Eight 271 Tucks Rd 03 5989 6471 255 G1
Pier 10 10 Shoreham Road 03 5989 8848 256 E5