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Township of Merricks

This peaceful district centre is one of the Peninsula’s oldest farming areas, but now also enjoys fame as a wine growing centre. Such was the fear of invasion along the nearby coastline during WW2 that Merricks enjoyed brief status as a supply depot for the army.

Since 1927 the rustic general store has been the nucleus of local life, even though the township is now dominated by the imposing Daryl Jackson designed building of Stoniers Winery.

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Name Address Phone Melways Reference
Merricks Estate Thompsons Lane 03 5989 8416 192 B9
Merricks General Wine Store 3460 Frankston Flinders Rd 03 5989 8088 192 E10
Paradigm Hill 26 Merricks Rd 03 5989 9000 192 E9
Stonier Wines 2 Thompsons Lane 03 5989 8300 192 F9
Yal Yal Estate Yal Yal Rd 0416 112 703 192 C7