Peninsula Visitors Guide, Summer 2015, Page 059 (transcription) Smart Page new Artist run gAllery Mike Rings, award winning Melbourne artist, is opening his own gallery in the beautiful seaside village of Flinders.
Mike has earned his reputation as a master of capturing the light and mood of Australia s coastlines and cities.
Mike s gallery will be open from December 26th and over the holiday season Mike will be giving demonstrations.
Classes and workshops are planned for later in the year.
Mike s career began in 1973, creating art work for the surf and tourist industry.
He was represented by The Talent Store Booking Agency as an illustrator and graphic designer.
His clients included Nissan Australia, Empire Records, Law Institute of Victoria, Business Council of Australia, The Age Newspaper, Australian Geographic and McMillian Publishing.
This will be the coolest funkiest little gAllery on the PeninsulA Gallery dog Music SPREAD THE WORD - iT S GOT THE ViBE SHOP 1 33 COOK ST FLINDERS m 0438 961 957

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