Peninsula Visitors Guide, Summer 2015, Page 057 (transcription) SmartPage Explore more with SmartPage 57 FOOD WINE ART PRODUCE Frankston - Flinders Road, Merricks, Victoria, 3916.
T 03 5989 8088 E admin Bistro Cellar door open daily 8 30am to 5pmExhibition of paintings by Gee Ryan Love one another and care for our planet This exhibition reflects Gee s Gerald exploration of colour as a vehicleto capture the joys and mysteries that surround us, both large and small.
A celebration of Gee s central belief that all of us need to love one anotherand care for our planet.
Please join us for opening drinks and meet the artist.
Saturday 7th February 2015, 12 30 pm.
Exhibition runs from 7th February to 23rd March 2015.
Gallery open daily 9am to 5pm.
Merricks HouseART GALLERY AT MERRICKS GENERAL WINE STORE Love One Another Basin , Gee Ryan, 2014.
Mixed media on canvas.
GEE RYAN GERALD EXHIBITION MERRICKS HOUSE ART GALLERY What does a top lawyer do when it s time to retire from practice If he is Gee Ryan Gerald , he picks up his paint brushes and heads to the Mornington Peninsula And what does a top Mornington Peninsula art gallery do when it spots Gee s paintings It immediately offers him a solo exhibition Merricks House Art Gallery at Merricks General Wine Store is bringing Gee s paintings to the public s attention for the first time, with this stunning exhibition of his works from Saturday 7 February 12.30pm opening to Monday 23 March.
Although Gee s paintings grace the walls of his former law firm and a number of serious art collectors, this is the first opportunity for the public to view them.
Explaining his art, Gee said, I ve painted naturally since childhood.
And in my lawyering days, whenever I could make the time, I applied paint to canvas and was taken to another world, a paradise on Earth I think everyone needs their own little world, a place to which they can go from time to time ..
away from the demands of work, raising children, paying bills, and surviving in our now digitalised and globalised world Painting did that for me.
And our uniquely beautiful Mornington Peninsula has this same transporting effect ..
that s why it s such a great place for those of us who are fortunate enough to holiday or live here , he said.
Gee s paintings are joyful.
He is primarily interested in colour.
And this extraordinary use of colour invites viewers to celebrate the mysteries that surround us as well as the everyday.
Gee explained, Yes, my paintings are joyful and colourful.
And they are also mysterious.
I see each painting as having its own soul ..
it s not my soul, it s the painting s soul ..
and I m hoping this soul will connect with the souls of viewers.
Gee s art reflects his belief that we all need to love one another and care for our planet.
This belief is reflected in a way that is engaging.
The paintings don t look heavy or serious, they look light and joyful.
But for art lovers who are seeking to understand the deeper meaning, it s there.
And I ll be very happy to discuss these deeper aspects with any at the exhibition who might be interested , he added.
The historic Merricks House Art Gallery adjoins the equally historic Merricks General Wine Store, with its fabulous bistro and renowned Baillieu, Elgee Park and Quealy wines.
A superb offering of top food, wine and art ..
Mornington Peninsula style Based on sales made in 2014, the prices of Gee s paintings are from 1,500 for the small ones through to 7,500 for the large ones.
And his wonderful hand-made, signed, archival prints gicl e technique are 485.
The Gallery and Gee would like lovers of art and lovers of the Mornington Peninsula to join them for opening drinks on Saturday 7 February at 12.30pm or to view the exhibition at a later date.
The Gallery is open daily from 9am to 5pm.
And if you would like to make a booking in the bistro, the number is 03 5989 8088.

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