Peninsula Visitors Guide, Summer 2015, Page 052 (transcription)

52 mornington peninsula visitors guide summer 2015 ON THE WATER SUMMER ON OUR BAY A TIME FOR FAMILIES Summer is family time on our wonderful bay.
Generations of holiday-makers flock to coastal destinations to stay or just spend a day at the beach or on the water.
But it s also an important time for the next generation of other species that generously share their home with us.
Australasian gannets nest and rear their young in Port Phillip from October to May.
Popes Eye is one of the few places in the world where gannets nest on man-made structures.
You will see these remarkable birds soar above the bay before they put their wings back and plunge tens of metres into the water to feed.
The parents take it in turn to mind their chicks and feed.
We also see the next generations of resident bottlenose and common dolphin calves that rely on their mothers for protection and nursing.
There is a story behind the photo of the three bottlenose dolphins that was taken in southern Port Phillip.
We know the dolphin at the back is Ariel s Calf because of the unique notch on her fin.
The dolphin in the middle is one of the other adults we often see with Ariel s Calf.
We are pretty certain that the little calf in the forground is hers, which makes Ariel a grandma Then, not long after this photo was taken we found Ariel with another new calf herself.
Ariel is certainly a GRAND mum The Dolphin Research Institute s study of the bay s dolphins now spans 24 years and three generations of our resident dolphins.
The Dolphin Research Institute has a new campaign we call Help Keep OUR Dolphins in the Bay Stay 100m Away .
Our new stickers will be available during our summer programs and can be obtained by contacting the Institute.
During January, the Dolphin Research Institute also does our best to look after human families through our i sea, i care Challenge.
Free marine education sessions tell stories about our dolphins, gannets, visiting whales and other marine treasures, to help us learn to truly value the life in our waters whilst having a bit of fun.
So keep your eyes peeled for families on the bay.
Try not to disturb the nesting gannets, keep clear of swimmers in the water and remember not to approach dolphins closer than 100 metres in your boat.
Links to the formal regulations for being around dolphins and seals are on our website .
To find details of the Institute s summer programs, to get a Help Keep OUR Dolphins in the Bay sticker or to become and Adopt-A-Dolphin supporter go to or call 1300 130 949.
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