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PENINSULA PEOPLE WE MEET THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE YOUR HOLIDAY HAPPY Rachel and Bernard McCarthy are the couple behind one of the finest winery restaurants in Victoria, Salix at Willow Creek and added some French flair to Mt Eliza with their Bistro Maison and larder.
Salix, Latin for willow, is appropriatelynamed as it nestles in the Willow Creek Vineyard.
Salix Restaurant is family run and owned forover ten years by Rachel and Chef BernardMcCarthy, who have extensive experience inestablishing restaurants in Melbourne.
The Mornington Peninsula lifestyle drewthem and their family to Willow Creek Winery.
Salix over-looks the Vineyard and the sunsets over the vineyard are spectacular.
I never ever tire of the sunsets said Rachel as she showed me around the restaurant and bistro.
We are proud to bring our dinersMornington Peninsula s very best cool climate wines, seasonal produce and local handmade specialities .
The diversity of local produce is reflected in our menus to express asense of adventure, creativity and skill.
We have a trusted network of local suppliers from which we source the best seasonal, free range produce - think Western Port whiting, Red Hill quinces, hand-picked local berries, artisan cheeses, Peninsula beef and Flinders mussels.
We also make our own produce on site from gnocchi, nougat and honeycomb, to ice creams and our now-famous bread rolls that arebaked daily.
The wine list showcases all the Willow Creek Vineyard wines, as well as other local wines and a selection of European imports.
Gluten free and vegetarian menus are available.
You can arrange wedding receptions and other events at Salix.
You couldn t have selected a more romantic location.
Beautifully presented gift certificates, for any denomination are also available.
Simply phone or email the recipient s details and Salix staff will arrange the postage.
But there s more...
Bistro Maison Evoking the charm of Paris suburban bistros, Bistro Maison is MountEliza s premier French restaurant, complete with enviable views of PortPhillip Bay.
Bringing together the community with a celebration of regional produce, guests to Bistro Maison can enjoy daily Chef Bernard s French-inspired specials alongside the la carte offerings of this cosyfamily-run eatery.
And for the little ones Bernard has provided a menu to their taste Bistro Maison is a family run and owned little bistro and bar situated inan unhurried seaside village surrounded by sensational local produce andworld-class wines.
The floor to ceiling windows enveloping the spaceallow for an abundance of natural light to filter through the restaurant.
Quirky design touches such as coloured bird cage pendant lights and ahandful of sky-blue bentwood chairs are unique decorative features thatadd a cheerful energy to the aesthetic.
Salix Restaurant and Bistro 166 Balnarring Rd,Merricks North, 03 5989 7448 www. /> Bistro Maison and Larder 45 Mount Eliza Way Mt Eliza 03 9787 6111 Phone 03 9787 6111 By Christian Peterson WINEMAKERS QUICK Q A Kathleen Quealy Quealy Winemakers Born 1960 in Sydney NSWFamily married to Kevin with 5 children -all have now left school Career Started T Gallant in 1988, Quealy Wines in 2006Hobbies Hanging out with whoeverReason for choosing the MP to make wine We came here to make cool climate wine and to plantPinot GrigioA piece of music most representative of your wine I m not really intocollecting music and can t recall any specific song but, hey I like listening tothe radio like Inside Sleeve on Radio National Wine you re most proud of and why I m very proud of our business developing this property on organic principles and learning a whole new wayof conservation keeping poisonous chemicals out, encouraging wildlife andlooking after natural resources while still being commercial.
How are you pushing the envelope with your winemaking I m alwayslooking for that relationship with making wine in the vineyard and thewinery what I d describe as a seamless carriage between the two.
We do a lot of imaginative wines using a lot of different varieties, I love capturingperfume from the vineyard.
Apart from wine, what flavour is the true signature taste of the Mornington Peninsula Beautiful wild mushrooms and then cooking themdepending on who you re with or where you ve been.
Kathleen co-ownedT Gallant Winemakers where the annual Mushrooms in May festival waslaunched.
the Bin to Box sale in the corner of the winery, e some lovely unlabelled wines can beThese include single Mornington Peninsula Muscat like Friulano ry ferment in steel tanks until the summer returns 9ferment summer returns 9 drinking on a budget is possible withdrinking is possible with of the winery, requires winemaking that liberates flavour from therequires liberates flavour from the variety of styles including a sulphur freevariety a sulphur free ry Rollo Crittenden, Crittenden Estate Born 1976 in Frankston Hospital Family Spouse Linda, children 2 boys Career Have made wines at Dromana and Crittenden Estate, but have also workedextensively overseas including vintages in Italyand the USA Hobbies Cooking and gardening Rollo is a verykeen home cook and passionate about home growningredients Reason for choosing the MP to make wine Dad Rollo s father, Garry wasfounder of Dromana Estate before establishing Crittenden Estate pioneeredthe region and I was born into it.
I ve always been very happy with thechoice and love the cool climate conditions ideal for making Pinot Noir.
A piece of music most representative of your wine At the moment I m listening to Alt-J, it s chilled out melodic good for whatever mood it s kind of elegant and structured.
Wine you re most proud of and why 2012 Cri de Coeur Pinot Noir breaks with tradition as its 100 whole-bunch pinot.
Unforgiving in that you haveto have everything right to work.
How are you pushing the envelope with your winemaking Oggi is anew wine that s an Italian blend of three varieties Savagnin, Friulano, andArneis all fermented on skins for 3 weeks plunged 3 times per day.
It s a very textural, structured wine.
Another wine is a funky Savagnin we ve beenmaking and that s heading in a nutty, sherry-like direction Apart from wine, what flavour is the true signature taste of the Mornington Peninsula The beach and the salty aroma that comes acrossthe vineyard I love the smell of the sea.
Pine mushrooms and then pan friedand served with a risotto or through a pasta.
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