Peninsula Visitors Guide, Summer 2015, Page 024 (transcription)

Have you checked your gas bbq Don t let a faulty Gas BBQ ruin your holiday.
Especially if it s been a while between uses, check the LP gas cylinder, hose and connections carefully.
Spray the hose and regulator connections with soapy water if bubbles start forming, you ll know that gas is escaping and it s time to contact a licensed gasfitter.
Away from home checklistFive things to do every time you re out and about.
Save the Victorian Bushfire Information Line 1800 240 667 into your mobile.
Know the most up-to- date Fire Danger Rating for the area you are travelling to.
Find out if a Total Fire Ban has been declared.
Listen to ABC local radio or other emergency broadcaster .
Check or download the FireReady app on your smartphone.
Monitor Fire Danger Ratings to stay safeOn days where the Fire Danger Rating is Severe, Extreme or Code Red, it s better to stay in town centres.
Visitors to parks and forests should expect them to be closed on Code Red days.
bans and Ratings what s the difference Total Fire bans are legal restrictions on open fires, equipment and BBQs that prevent fires from starting.
Fire Danger Ratings help you to know when the local conditions are dangerous enough to enact your bushfire plan.
That might mean leaving the area early, well before there are any signs of fire once a fire has started, the chances are it will be too late to leave.
Total Fire bans and your bbqWhich types of bbq are banned on a Total Fire ban Solid fuel BBQs e.g.
wood, charcoal and briquettes .
Liquid fuel BBQs.
You also can t use camp ovens, wood-fired pizza ovens or kettle-type appliances.
Campfires, bonfires or any kind of outdoor fires are strictly banned on a Total Fire Ban day.
Which bbqs are OK Fixed gas or electric BBQs built into a permanent structure of brick, stone or concrete.
Portable gas or electric BBQs are OK if they are designed exclusively for meal preparation.
For any kind of gas or electric barbecue, you must have A 3-metre area around the BBQ cleared of flammable material.
A hose connected to a water supply or vessel with at least 10 litres of water.
An adult present at all times who has the means and capacity to extinguish the fire.
Find out more about Total Fire bans on the CFA website.
Enjoy a fire safe summerTo find out more, visit or call 1800 240 667.
Did you know Code Red days are rare when forecast they are extremely serious.
CODE REDIn the summer months there s no better place to be than down the coast or in some of our stunning bush or grassland areas.
Wind down and enjoy a fun and relaxing summer break knowing you ve taken a few simple steps to stay fire safe.
FireReady App Get the latest fire information and warnings direct to your smartphone or iPad.
Set the app to notify you when an incident occurs in a chosen area and use it to stay up-to-date with local Fire Danger Ratings and Total Fire Bans.
Download the app free from

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