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Peninsula Style with Annette Sanfilippo

Published: Sunday 15th of April 2012


Autumn..ania with Annette Sanfilippo

There is only so much that summer fashion can do for us when we all wear minimal clothing during the warmer months. As much as designers are playing and having fun with colour, fabrics and differing styles, I must admit it’s a lot of fun teaming autumn garments together as it is the ultimate in trans-seasonal clothing and provides you a bit more to play with.

From tops, shirts, jackets, skirts, pants, cardi’s and dresses the fun is in mix’n’ match and layering textures and tones for the perfect individual look! That’s what I love about Peninsula shopping as well. We have some amazing and eclectic boutiques that allow you to find the most statement pieces to play with. Our ever changing shopping precinct is always exciting and new boutiques and fashion hubs are popping up everywhere.

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