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Living the GoodLife with Dianne Baxter

Published: Sunday 15th of April 2012


When I first moved to the Mornington Peninsula, I was known by my husband as the Reluctant Resident! I was a City girl who
enjoyed being immersed in the hues and vibes of the city. The Mornington Peninsula seemed to be thousands of miles away from such a scenario!

We first lived in Mount Eliza in a very quiet location. The silence ‘screamed’ at me and I felt so isolated. Where could I go? What could I do? And the distance to my uptown clients was a lengthy peak hour period drive – anything from 2 to 3 hours! However, I quickly changed my thinking (and my adjectives!).

The city noise no longer was paramount and I came ‘alive’ to the colours, vibrancy and yet tranquillity of my surrounds. The distance to uptown clients did not
seem to matter as I knew I was coming home to a great lifestyle – both personally and in the interests of the business. 15 years later I am still here and loving it!

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