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Clutterbusting – Life’s Messy Bits with Karen Tatman

Published: Sunday 15th of April 2012


The arrival of three young silky bantams at casa Tatman some months ago brought this age old question very much front of mind as I waited for the girls to reach maturity and start earning their keep egg-wise. And waited, and waited & waited.

According to the calendar, they were well and truly at the point of lay but according to the girls, chickens can’t count. And as my fellow poultry fanciers (sounds just a tiny bit risqué doesn’t it?) will know, bantam eggs are kind of on the titchy side and you need your chickie babes in full production for a halfway decent feed.

Sack after sack of premium pellets were pecked up with great gusto, kitchen scraps were met with a veritable chorus of delighted bok bok boks.

But as for eggs? Nada. Zilch. None…

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