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Published: Tuesday 10th of May 2011


Autumn Colour Moods...

Well the brights of summer are not quite ready to fade with the cooler days approaching.

Fashion has been celebrating colours of the spectrum daring to cross the boundaries of colour clash no no's. Greens with blue and red, yellow with orange and purple, stripes with bold bands of contrasting primaries were just a few. Add into the picture metallic accessories, delicate prints teamed together with over the top shoes details and handbags that walk into the room before you do, and it seems we have had a pretty fun and adventurous season.

As for special occasion dressing over the top is still absolutely in fashion. I have had the pleasure of styling many ladies over the spring racing and wedding season and I might say you are all getting a little more daring and staying more away from black. I had the pleasure also of being a part of the Miss World 2011 launch and loved the red carpet styles the girls were adorning. I dabbled myself with a little more colour but when looking for my perfect dress this season, I succumbed to a flowing silk number in shades of silver and grey. The beauty of the basic shade is that I can pop it with the likes of red or emerald or overdo the ‘bling’ factor keeping up with latest looks. Autumn isn’t ready to do a 360 on these trends either. Apart from a little more fabric to keep in the warmth colour is here to stay.

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