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Clutterbusting - The Year of the App

Published: Tuesday 10th of May 2011


OKAY, you've got to promise not to laugh, but after years of fighting the tide, I have finally decided to go with the flow. In the Tatman household at least, 2011 will hitherto be known as the Year of the App.

My New Year's resolution is to embrace modern technology and man am I off to a great start... not! Picture if you will, the following scenario. Not long out of bed, your bleary-eyed columnist, disreputable pjs is waiting impatiently for the kettle to boil. Spare child (as opposed to heir child), has been bouncing around the house for hours because, let's face it, you don't waste school holidays by having a sleep in, and has turned the computer on to update his status (I'm awake!!).

"Mum, Mum... some dude called Heathen is video calling on Skype, what do I do???". Now, in his defence, Skype is a relatively new phenomenon in Casa Tatman – about 48hrs old at the time of this tale – so the spare's reaction was understandable (although I may have to get his eyes checked).

My reaction however, was as follows... "OMG (see how with it I am!), it must be Heather, my English pen pal (I don't actually know any Heathens!) … I haven't seen her in the flesh for more than ten years … AND I HAVEN'T EVEN BRUSHED MY HAIR!!!!!!!!"

Thankfully, our connection was too slow for super clear video and I’m hoping the resultant pixilation concealed a multitude of sins, but it was a timely reminder that technology never sleeps!

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